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How to Crochet, what's new -extreme crochet
August 30, 2014
Hello Beautiful Crocheters!

Have you ever heard of extreme crochet? You have probably seen photographs of whole trees or vehicles or even a whole room covered from top to toe in crochet, or sometimes knitting. But there is more extreme than that where the yarn is humungously thick and the item is large like a whole crocheted chair.

Like to have a go? Here's a little taster for the beginner of this rather eccentric branch of crochet crafting.

I doubt you will find a quicker way to make a scarf than this. Choose the chunkiest yarn you can find and buy lots of balls - depending how thick you want your scarf to be.

Fast, furious and amazingly quick too!

You wake up in the morning. You look out of the window. You see the snow that has fallen overnight and you say "ooh ecky thump! it's snowing! I think I will need a scarf today" You make your scarf while the porridge is cooking - and off you go to work thinking you look the bees knees in your new accessory.

Use your fist instead of a hook and make a long chain - easy as that

See it on youtube here

Click here for quick and easy pattern ideas

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