Crochet Baby Bunting

Like a summer's day, this pretty crochet baby bunting will brighten up any nursery. make it as long as you like


Instructions for Crochet Baby Bunting

To make one triangular flag:

Make 12 chain

1 single crochet (UK double crochet) into 2nd chain from hook and into each remaining chain (11 stitches)

1 chain, turn.


single crochet 2 together. 1 single crochet into each of next 7 stitches.

single crochet 2 together

1 chain, turn


1 single crochet into each stitch to end.

1 chain, turn


single crochet 2 together

1 single crochet into each of next 5 stitches

single crochet 2 together

1 chain, turn

ROW 5 - repeat row 3


Single crochet 2 together

1 single crochet into each of next 3 stitches

single crochet 2 together.

1 chain, turn

ROW 7 - repeat row 3


single crochet 2 together, 1 single crochet into next stitch, single crochet 2 together,

1 chain, turn

ROW 9 - repeat row 3

Row 10

single crochet 3 together

fasten off

Joining the Flags Together

Once you have made a few flags, you can start joining them together.

To do this, take a new ball of yarn and make a length of chain, long enough to use as a tie to hang the bunting up

Then slip stitch along the top of one flag. Make a few more chain (number of chain here depends on how far apart you want each flag to be)

Slip stitch along the top of the next flag.

Continue joining the flags together in this manner.

Once you have joined all the flags together that you have made so far, you can continue making more flags and then join them onto the string of flags in the same manner until your bunting is the length you want it.

Make another length of chain stitches for the tie at the other end.

You can either now leave it as it is, or for a neater finish, work single crochet along the chain and slip stitches.

Note though that it is quite difficult to work into slip stitches and this may take a little patience






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