Crochet Teddy Comfort Blanket

This comfort blanket is really quick to crochet.  It won't offer much physical warmth - it's too small and full of holes. However with the cute teddy in the corner, an older baby will find warmth and comfort in snuggling up with it.

You can however make it as big as you like just by adding extra rounds to the granny square.

The one in the photo was made with 3 shades of double knitting yarn (UK weight) and a 5mm hook. Of course you can make yours with any colour combination you wish, or with all one colour.

For the blanket, make a granny square of a total of 12 rounds.

If you don't know how to make one, it's really quite easy to do and you will find instructions for a basic pattern here

Once that is done you can now make the teddy head.

Instructions for the granny square comfort blanket

Choose one of the colours you used in the comfort blanket and with a smaller hook (I used 4mm) make a slip knot. make sure the loop of the slip knot can be tightened with the cut end of the yarn. Slip it onto the hook and make four chain. This is the turning chain and counts as one double crochet (uk treble)

Loosen the first chain slightly and work 19 double crochet into it (UK trebles). Slip stitch in to the top of the turning chain.

make three chain (turning chain) then turn.

Working in double crochet again, work into every stitch but work 2double crochet into every other stitch.

You should end up with around 30 stitches.

Slip stitch into the top of the turning chain, break the yarn and faasten off.

Make a second circle the same, but do not break the yarn or fasten off.

Put the 2 circles together, wrong sides together.

Make 1 chain. Working through the stitches on both circles (so as to join them together) make 6 single crochet (UK double crochet) around edges.

Still working through both circles make 1 double crochet, 2 treble, 1 double crochet for first ear (UK 1 treble, 2 double treble, 1 treble)

Carry on joining the circles together with 6 slip stitches, then make another ear and finish with 6 single crochet (UK double crochet)

Fasten off.

With a contrasting yarn and a large blunt needle, embroider a teddy face on one side using long stitches. Be patient and be prepared to unpick and do it again until you get an expression you like.

You will now need to attach the teddy to one of the corners of the little blanket.

Twist one of the corners and insert it into the teddy head (about 4 - 5 rounds worth of the corner). This wil act as the stuffing. You could also add a little polyester stuffing if you wish to make the head a little firmer.

Stitch the head firmly and securly into place using the same colour yarn and a large blunt needle.

Most of the loose ends on the head can be tucked inside before you sew it on, but if there are any still hanging about darn them in.

And there you have your cute little comfort blanket

Hints and Tips for your comfort blanket

The importance of turning

It is tempting when working in a round to do the same as in knitting - just keep going round and round in a spiral.

Fine if you are making a flat circle, but as soon as you try to do this with squares or tubes you will run into a problem - your work will twist.

This is because when you work a crochet stitch, the stitch itself is slightly to the right of the stem as you work it. Carry on working round and round and your stitches will go further and further to the right each time.

Therefore the way to combat this is to make a slip stich to join the round and then to turn your work and go back the other way.

Changing Colour in a round

The best place to change colours is when making the slip stitch at the end of the round before you change colours.

However, if you plan to have a lot of different colours, for instance when making granny squares, this is not such a good idea if the item is likely to be used muched and/or washed. It is easy for darned in ends to work their way loose and the piece will start to unravel.

In this case consider instead fastening off each colour and starting the new colour with a slip knot, (see instructions for multi-coloured granny squares) then if any ends to come loose your work will not unravel and you can easily darn the ends in again.

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