Crochet Twiddlemuffs

Twiddlemuffs - a marvellous invention.  I can't think of any other medical appliance/device/treatment that can be crocheted or knitted out of scraps of yarn by grannies like me

Primarily an invention to help people with dementia, to give them something to fiddle with instead of rubbing and pinching their own skin, pulling out IV lines and ng tubes, or tugging at cardigan buttons.  They can also act like a comfort blanket in stressful situations

They can also be given to people with learning difficulties for all the same reasons.

Don't now anyone who needs one?  There are plenty of campaigns going on for people so make them such as this one.  Ask at your local hospital or dementia charity.

If you are running a charitable campaign for twiddlemuffs, pleas feel free to write your own page on this website to tell people about it - scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Your twiddlemuff can be crocheted, knitted or sewn.  You can also recycle an old jumper into one.  Make sure you add plenty of texture and sew or tie on bits and bobs for fiddling with on the inside as well as the outside.

Don't forget men need twiddlemuffs too

What you need to do is come up with a piece of fabric that measures approximately 12 inches by 24 inches.  This piece of fabric can be cut from fabric or an old jumper or can be crocheted or knitted from scraps of yarn

Fancy yarns are particularly useful for their tactile properties.

Instructions to Crochet your Twiddlemuffs

To crochet a Twiddlemuff using double knitting (DK) yarn (that is yarn that recommends the use of 4mm knitting needles) use a 6mm hook and whatever stitch you fancy with about 40 stitches to the row.

Add textured stitches such as bobbles or thread beads and buttons onto your yarn and crochet them in as you go

When starting a new ball of yarn, knot the ends together.  This will add an extra bit of fluff for twiddling

When you have finished, sew or tie on your bits and bobs on one side only. 

Fold in half and sew the top edge to the bottom edge.  then fold in half and sew again and you are done

To Knit a Twiddlemuff

You make it in exactly the same way as a crocheted twiddlemuff except of course you knit it.  Using 6mm needles and about 60 stitches should just about get it the right size.  There is no need for accuracy.

You can knit your beads and buttons in as you go along

Making twiddlemuffs from old jumpers

Cut the bottom off under the arms

Turn it inside out

Stitch the cut edge together using fine yarn and a large blunt sewing needle.  Then stitch along the bottom edge leaving a small opening for turning

Turn the right way round and stitch up the opening

Sew on your bits and bobs on both sides

Fold in half and stitch again






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