Crocheting with fluffy yarn 

Working with fluffy yarn can present problems which often put people off.  it is difficult to see where your stitches are and if you go wrong sometimes they can be well nigh impossible to unpick 

These gorgeous hairy yarns need not be scary. If you are a little wary of using them you are missing out.  With knitting it is also difficult, but a lot easier than if you are crocheting.  You can see where all the stitches are on a knitting needle.  When crocheting, the stitches are hidden by the fluff and it is hard to see where to insert your hook.  It is messy and frustrating.  If you make a mistake, unpicking is difficult and you can end up with a knotted tangled mess.

You find yourself working blind and guessing where the stitches are.  To get it perfect is fiddly and time consuming.  To go along the row just guessing usually results in missing stitches or making too many stitches and your work will get wider or narrower.

There is a solution to the fluffy yarn problem.  I have no idea if anyone else uses this method, or if it is an "official" method, but this is what I do.

Instead of inserting your hook into the stitch, insert it between the posts of the stitches.

As you work along each row you can feel for the gaps with your finger.

if you are counting the turning chain as a stitch, miss the first gap just as you would miss the first stitch (click here to understand the turning chain) and work 2 stitches into the last gap.

However it is easier to not count the turning chain as a stitch, in which case, just work into every space.




Fluffy Yarn Projects

So now you can, with confidence, start crocheting quickly and easily some beautiful crochet fluffy projects and this will open up a whole new crochet world and wonderful possibilities such as making fluffy slippers, blankets, cozy evening shrugs, Russian style hats, boa-like scarves, bed socks, mittens, trims on winter hoods and much more.





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