Unusual Crochet

Unusual crochet to inspire you to think out of the box.

Unusual crochet to take you away from the humdrum and the tedious.

Inspirational crochet to "oooh" and "aaah" at.

Odd crochet to amuse you.

Eccentric crochet for a few belly laughs.

I have trawled the web for some fantasmagorical hookings and will continue to trawl the web, so come back for more.

Let's start with Annie's attic which has been going for donkey's years. I take my hat of to her - brilliant stuff

However, this is one hat, I would most definitely take off - or not even put on. What where you thinking of here Annie? You take a plant pot and a mixing bowl and use them for hats?
Annie's Attic Ponytail Hats

A salacious crumb crochet plush? What is THAT?

Crochet a moustache. Not quite sure how these are meant to be fixed in place. Crochet yourself a moustache

Yarn bombing - great fun, and yes, you heard me right I said tree cozy not tea cozy. Who has the time and patience for this stuff? What next? flea cozy, bee cozy? knee cozy, pea cozy?

I am beginning to wonder - if I tapped any subject whatsoever into google and put "crochet" in front of it, would I find someone somewhere in the world who has done a crochet version..... such as "crochet landing on the moon" "crochet pack of cigarettes", "crochet cow pat" ..... you get my drift.....

Anyway here is a crochet coral reef Very beautiful, complete with slug, but what would you do with it once finished?

Besides unusual crochet, there's an awful lot of plain ugly stuff around.

Take these shorts for instance - trendy or what? (Scroll down after clicking)

Now, talking about thinking outside the box, and coming back to this site, did you know that you can use up all your old plastic shopping bags/carrier bags and knit or crochet them up into a new and really strong shopping bag? (or anything else you fancy) - if you can be bothered
Plastic bag crochet

and do you own a chicken? - apparently these crochet chicken jumpers are a must-have for rescue chickens


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