How to make granny squares



Fun and colourful, traditional granny squares are an old favourite.

In order to learn how to make granny squares you will first need to know how to work chain stitch, slip stitch and double crochet (UK treble crochet) to make these squares

If you are new to crochet you can learn by clicking on the beginner link top right of this page.

The squares in the photos are made using double knitting yarn (UK weight) and a 4mm hook, but you can use whatever you like depending on what effect/size you want for your squares.

Follow the instructions below and use the photos to help you along crocheting crocheting crocheting

1. Make 6 chain (if you want the hole in the centre to be smaller, you can use 4 or 5 chain instead). Join with a slip stitch into the first chain.

2. Make 3 chain This is the turning chain and counts as one double crochet

3. Make 2 double crochet (UK treble crochet) into the chain circle followed by 2 chain

crocheting crocheting crocheting

4. Make 3 double crochet then 2chain into the chain circle

5. Repeat stage 4 two more times

6. Join with a slip stitch into the top chain of the turning chain. Cut your thread and fasten off by pulling the end through the loop.

crocheting crocheting crocheting

7. Turn your work over. The place where you fastened off should now be to the right of the 2chain space.

8. Take your new colour yarn and make a slip knot. Insert hook into the 2 chain space with the "fastening off" to the right. Then insert hook into slip knot of new yarn.

9. Pull the slip knot through.

crocheting crocheting crocheting

10. Make 3 chain (turning chain)

11. Make 2 double crochet into same 2chain space followed by 2chain.

12. Make 3 double crochet, 2chain, 3 double crochet, 2chain, into remaining 3 2chain spaces. Make 3 double crochet followed by 2chain into the first 2chain space you worked into.

crocheting crocheting crocheting

13. Join with a slip stitch into top of turning chain.

14 & 15. Follow steps 7 & 8

crocheting crocheting crocheting

16 & 17. Follow steps 9, 10 & 11

18. 3double crochet, 2chain, into next (side)chain space. Then **(3double crochet, 2chain, 3double crochet, 2chain) into next (corner) chain space, 3 double crochet, 2chain into next (side) chain space **

Repeat from ** to ** 2 more times

Make 3 double crochet followed by 2chain into the first 2chain space you worked into.

Join with a slip stitch into top of turning chain.

crocheting crocheting

To make the 4th round (and subsequent rounds if you want your squares bigger) work as for the 3rd round, working 3 dc into each side chain space, remembering to work 2ch inbetween each, and 3double crochet, 2chain, 3double crochet into each corner as before.

Darn in all the ends to finish then pull your square into shape

Once you have learned how to make granny squares and have a nice stack of them, you can start joining them into blankets, scarves, bags or however your imagination takes you.

Click here to learn how to join granny squares

Further Reading

The above instructions are for just one basic variation of the granny square

Have even more fun with granny squares with this book

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Tips For Working in a Round

The importance of turning

It is tempting when working in a round to do the same as in knitting - just keep going round and round in a spiral.

Fine if you are making a flat circle, but as soon as you try to do this with squares or tubes you will run into a problem - your work will twist.

This is because when you work a crochet stitch, the stitch itself is slightly to the right of the stem as you work it. Carry on working round and round and your stitches will go further and further to the right each time.

Therefore the way to combat this is to make a slip stich to join the round and then to turn your work and go back the other way.

Changing Colour in a round

The best place to change colours is when making the slip stitch at the end of the round before you change colours.

However, if you plan to have a lot of different colours, for instance when making granny squares, this is not such a good idea if the item is likely to be used muched and/or washed. It is easy for darned in ends to work their way loose and the piece will start to unravel.

In this case consider instead fastening off each colour and starting the new colour with a slip knot, (see nstructions for multicoloured granny squares) then if any ends to come loose your work will not unravel and you can easily darn the ends in again.

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