Joining Granny Squares



There are a multitude of ways of joining granny squares to make them into many different items such as blankets, scarves, cardigans and bags. You can crochet them together using plain single crochet (UK double crochet), you can sew them together, you can use a decorative crochet join like the one described below, or you can surf the web for many other ways.

Instructions for joining granny squares

I like this method, because, although a bit fiddly, there are no visible seams.



Join in your yarn at one corner of your first square and make 3chain (counts as one double crochet - Uk treble) make one more double crochet into same space. 2 chain * 3 double crochet into next chain space 2chain *

repeat from * to * twice more. make 2 double crochet into final corner space. Do not break yarn.

Lay your 2nd square next to the first as in the photo above.




Make 2 double crochet into corner space of 2nd square. Join with a slip stitch into the 2nd double crochet of the first square

Join with a slip stitch into the 2nd double crochet of the first square

Make 2 chain.



* Join with a slip stitch into first of next 3 double crochet of first square

make 3 double crochet into next chain space of 2nd square. Join with a slip stitch into 3rd of 3 double crochet on first square. make 2 chain *

Repeat from * to * twice more


Join with slip stich to first of last 2 double crochet of first square.

make 2 double crochet inot last chain space of 2nd square

Slip stitch into last double crochet of first square.

fasten off.

Continue joining one square to another until you have a 2 strips to your desired length.



Work along one edge of your first strip in the same manner you worked on the first square.

When you get to each join, work 2 double crochet then 1 chain into the last corner space, then 2double crochet 1chain 2double crochet 1 chain into the join. Finally work 2 double crochet into the first corner space of the next square and continue along the edge as before


Join the second strip to the first in the same way you joined the second square to the first, adjusting the number of double crochet and chain stitches accordingly to match.

To make a blanket, make several strips and join them together. Finish with an edging of your choice

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