Summer Scarf

Why do you need a summer scarf?  Well if you live, like me, in a temperate region, not all summer days are warm and sultry.  Even so, you wouldn't want a proper thick woolly scarf like you would in the winter time.  A light scarf is just right for when the sun goes in or goes down, especially towards the end of the summer or in spring time, and a lacy stitch pattern means you won't be looking a bit daft like you're dressed up for winter.

These are fun, beautiful and easy to make

I have a confession to make

Unfortunately I lost my jottings for the summer scarf shown in the photo - aaaargh! However, I know that unlike me you are so super cool and clever that you can not only do this without instructions, but that you will also keep a record of just how you did it so you can do it again next year.

It's actually really simple to design your own.

Crochet yourself a summer scarf

Scarves are so easy to make.  Crochet scarves are super quick.  Make this one a beautiful one

It really is simple. 

Take a yarn you like and a hook that suits it.

Choose a lacy crochet stitch pattern - there are thousands on the internet, do yourself a search.

I used a shell stitch interspersed with treble stitches (US double crochet stitches)

What you do is, make a chain roughly the width you want your scarf to be.  Adjust the length of the chain if you need to so it fits your stitch pattern.  Then relax back and crochet the hours away until it's the length you want it.

Do you really need a pattern? I don't think so. You're cleverer than you think

A scarf like this will keep the chill off and still look stylish enough for a posh night out on a cooler summer evening.

Make it wider for a shawl/stole.

If  you are not confident with fancy stitch patterns, just use a plain stitch but use a hook that is slightly to big.  This should give a nice light lacy feel to your scarf.

Do your thing, Make it sparkle, Add some bling, Add a fringe, make it your own.  You're going to be unique

Search for a lacy crochet stitch pattern, there are literally thousands to choose from



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