Crochet Baby Booties



for crochet baby booties


ch = chain

tch = turning chain

dc = double crochet (UK treble)

st = stitch

sts = stitches

dc 2tog = double crochet 2 together (UK treble 2 together)

You will need double knitting yarn (UK weight) For a new baby, use a 3.5mm hook For an older baby use a 3.75mm hook For a toddler, use a 4mm hook

THE PATTERN (Starting at top of ankle cuff)

Make 26ch Work 1 dc into 4th ch from hook Waork 1 dc into each remaining ch to end (24 stitches including tch at beginning) 3ch, turn

Next row: Miss first stitch (because the 3ch (tch) counts as the first stitch)

Work 1dc into each stitch to end. work 1dc into tch. 3ch, turn.

Work between 1-3 more rows, depending how deep you want the ankle cuff to be. The bootie in the photo has a total of 3 rows.

Omit the tch at the end of the final row.

fasten off. Turn


After fastening off and turning, miss 8 sts. join in yarn at 9th st Make 3 ch for first st. Work 1dc into each of next 7 sts

(ie you are working over centre 8 sts)

3ch, turn.

Work 3 more rows of dc

fasten off, turn.


Join yarn into first of 8 missed sts. make 3ch for first stitch.

Work 1dc into each of next 7 sts, 8dc up side of toe piece, 8 dc across top of toe piece, 8 dc doen other side and finally 8 dc across remaining sts at base of ankle cuff. (40 sts including 3ch at beginning of row) 3ch, turn.

Work 1 more row, 3ch, turn


Miss first st (because the 3ch counts as the first st)

Work dc 2tog, 11 dc, dc 2tog twice, 4 dc, dc 2tog twice, 11 dc, dc 2tog, then 1dc into tch.

3ch, turn.

Final row: Miss 1 st, dc 2tog, 10 dc, dc 2tog 4times, 10 dc, dc 2 tog, 1 dc into tch. Fasten off.

If you like you can add a fancy edging to the top of the ankle cuff.

Using a large blunt needle, sew back of cuff and sole together.

Thread a ribbon, or twisted cord through the base of the ankle cuff and tie in a bow.


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