Crochet Boa Scarf

curlicue scarf
soft fine crochet curlicues

This crochet boa scarf uses a simple variation of the curlicue to make it look a bit fluffy and somewhat eccentrically like a feather boa.

Mostly, curlicues are made by making a length of chain and making too many stitches into it, usually about 3 treble crochet stitches (US double crochet) into each chain.  This makes it curl around a bit like a ringlet.

For this scarf I wanted a much finer curl for the fringe so used a double crochet stitch (US single crochet) but this turned out too stiff.  By adding chain stitches this makes them much softer.  Clear as mud? Just follow the simple instructions or the video and all will be revealed!

Instructions for the crochet boa scarf

crochet boa style scarf
crochet boa scarf using curlicues

To make a crochet boa scarf similar to the one in the photographs you will need about 150g of double knitting acrylic yarn or a plain smooth yarn which recommends the use of 4mm knitting needles.  You will also need a 4mm hook.

of course you can use any weight of yarn and any size hook you like, but you will  get a different look and feel to your scarf.

Begin by making a length of chain that is roughly the length you want your scarf to be.

For the scarf in the photographs, I made a length of 170 chain stitches.

Beginning in the fourth chain from the hook work a row of treble stitches (US double crochet stitches)

Work 6 trebles into the last stitch

Now you need to carry on along the same chain stitches picking up the bottom loop of each chain stitch.  When you get back to the beginning, work 6 trebles into the last loop.

Join with a slip stitch to the top of the initial turning chain.

Make one chain and turn.

Only one more row to do.  Sounds like you are nearly done doesn't it.  in truth this row will probably drive you crazy, but if you are in no rush, just take it easy and keep going, one curlicue at a time.

Begin with one double crochet stitch (US single crochet) and for the first curlicue make 15 chain.

(US residents, read double crochet as meaning single crochet from now on)

Make one double crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook. 

Then  *2 chain, one double crochet into next chain stitch*

Repeat from * to * all along to the end

Normally you would have to make 3 stitches in the same place to form a curl, but when using double crochet this would turn out too stiff, too rigid.

By replacing 2 of the stitches with 2 chain it takes away the bulk and makes the ringlet soft and light.

To begin with you should be working around the curved end of your scarf. When you have made your first curlicue, make another double crochet into the next stitch and then 15 chain ready for the next curlicue.

Once you have worked your way around the bend (Hmmm you really will have made yourself go round the bend by the end of this) start working your double crochet into every other stitch along the straight edge.

Again when you get to the other end you will need to work into every stitch and then every other stitch along the straight edge.

Finished?  Well done! just slip stitch into the very first double crochet you did (that was a long time ago)  Break the yarn, pull it through to  fasten off and darn in the 2 loose ends with a large eyed blunt needle.

Dare you now wear your crochet boa scarf!






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