How to Crochet a Curlicue Edging


A curlicue is very easy to crochet and very decorative. These delightful corkscrew curls can be used as an edging or bunched together as a tassel.

Below you will find instructions for making a basic edging or fringing, which can be used for such projects as blankets or ponchos

You should work your edging on a foundation row of single crochet or other firm straight edged stitch.


sc = single crochet (UK double crochet)

ch = chain

sts = stitches

st = stitch.


After finishing your foundation row, make 1ch and turn.

Work 1sc into each of first 2 sts

*Make 10ch

Work 3sc into 2nd chain from hook

Work 3sc into each of remaining 8ch**

From * to ** is one curl


*** Work 1sc into each of next 4 sts of your foundation row.

Make 1 curl****

Repeat from *** to **** until edging is finished, ending with 1sc into each of last 2 stitches of foundation row.


This example has quite long curls which are fairly wide apart.

If you want them tighter (more curly) work 4sc into each chain.

If you want them looser, work only 2sc into each chain.

If you want them longer, work more than 10 chain, or for shorter curlicues work less chain stitches.

To have your curls spaced closer or wider apart, work either less or more sc between each on your foundation row.

You can also make them tighter curled at the tip than at the base by working 4sc into the first chain and then reduce the number of sc into each as you work along the chain.


Blanket with curlicue edging


Further reading

If you are not sure if this is exactly the kind of edging you are looking for there are plenty of good books on crochet edgings out there.

In particular, I would recommend Crocheting on the Edge available from for US readers. 14 Amazon customers have given it a 5 star review!

Or the same book, Crocheting on the Edge: Ribs and Bobbles* Ruffles* Flora* Fringes* Points and Scallops ,from amazon, for UK readers.

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