Crochet Soap Saver

A crochet soap saver is simple to make.  use a scrap remnant of yarn and quickly make a pouch to collect your remnants of soap

Once filled, the whole pouch full of soap can be used as if it is a bar of soap

Once all the soap has been used you cna either fill it again or use it as a dish scrubbie

How to make a crochet soap saver

Use any yarn you like with a hook suitable for the thickness - but don't make it too loose or some smaller slithers of soap will slip through when the soap saver is wet and stretched

Use any stitch you like, but a bit of texture in the stitch pattern is useful

Crochet a rectangle, fold in half, join the sides.  Fill with your odd ends of soap until you have roughly half filled it.  Wet the whole thing as use it like a bar of soap.

Do be careful not to rub it on delicate skin though.  it will be slightly exfoliating when wet - acrylic turns particularly rough when wet - so don't be using it for instance, directly on your face.  instead lather the soap on your hands, and apply with your hands

The pattern

This is how the soap saver featured on this page is made

Tools and materials

4mm crochet hook

remnant of double knitting yarn (worsted = approximate equivalent)


ch = chain

dc - double crochet (US single crochet)

mb - make a tiny bobble in next stitch as follows: insert hook into stitch, pull yarn through, make 3ch, pull yarn through both loops on hook


With a 4mm hook, and DK yarn, make 10ch

ROW 1: 1dc in second ch from hook, 1dc in each of all remaining ch to end (9 stitches)

ROW 2: dc in first stitch, (mb, 1dc)x4

ROW 3: dc into all 9 stitches

ROW 4: dc into each of first 2 stitches (mb, 1dc)x3, dc into last stich

ROW 5: dc into all 9 stitches

As you are doing a bobble row you will have the wrong side facing you

When you do a plain dc row you will have the bobble facing you and it will be difficult to see where to insert your hook.  To combat this, turn your work slightly towards yourself so that you can see the stitches behind the bobbles.  The two photographs above illustrate this

Repeat rows 2 to 5 until you have a rectangle with a total of 23 rows finishing on a row3

Then one final row os slip stitches.  This is to take the yarn to the other end of the row so that when the sides have been joined with a border row of crochet, you will finish by the first loose length of yarn which can then be tied together for a hanging loop

Do not break off the yarn.  Fold your crocheted piece in half and using dc, join the two sides together.

Pick up and dc into the stitches all along the fold, then dc up the other side, fasten off and break the yarn

Youi will now have two strands of yarn side by side - the one from where you began and the one where you have just finished.  Tie these together in a double knot

Now knot these together again to form a hanging loop

And thats your soap saver done

Collect all your odds and ends of soap and when you have enough.....

 ......use the whole thing like a bar off soap - but do take care - it can be a bit rough on delicate kin so do not scrub your skin with it.  lather it up and apply with your hands instead






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More ideas for a crochet soap saver

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