Bobbles and Popcorns 

Bobbles and popcorns - Just one of the multitude of ways you can add texture to your crochet, they are often added to Aran style patterns.

Although traditionally Aran sweaters are knitted; the cables, bobbles and rib patterns can be imitated with various crochet techniques that are much quicker and easier to do than knitting.

To knit a bobble you need to go back and forth several times, constantly turning your work and swapping needles.  It is tedious.  However a crochet bobble involves nothing more than adding a few extra stitches.

A popcorn is just a different method of making a bobble.


Try each  method - bobbles and popcorns - and see which one you feel most at home with.




Making a crochet bobble

To make a bobble you need to choose a stitch that is longer than the rest of the stitches in the row.  So if you are using single crochet (UK double crochet) your bobble needs to be made up of half double crochet stitches or double crochet stitches (UK half trebles or trebles).  Or as in the photos if you are using double crochet (UK trebles) your bobbles need to be worked in trebles (UK double trebles) and so on and so forth.  So what you need to do is......... several stitches together  - as if you are working a decrease - all into the same stitch - simple as that

So work each stitch but don't do the last pull through on each.  Then pull your yarn through all the loops at once

Then do one last little pull through to close and neaten up.


When you come to work the last row take care that you don't work an extra stitch when you get to the bobble.  Either work into the closing stitch or work into the top bobble's stitch - it doesn't matter which one - but don't work into both.

try it out with this bobble edging


Making a crochet popcorn

A popcorn is worked in a very similar way to a bobble.  it stands out more than a bobble does and it can be pushed through to the front or to the back, whereas a bobble will only stick out on one side - you can push it out to the other side but it will eventually pop back again

So what you do is.......

 ....... as with a bobble, choose a longer stitch than the main stitch of your row.  This time instead of working several stitches together into the same place as if you are decreasing, you work several stitches into the same place as if you are increasing

Then take your hook out of the loop

Insert your hook into the first of your group of stitches

Then back into the loop you took it out of - and pull it through.  Then carry on along the row with  your main stitch


A very pretty kind of bobble click here for instructions

Click here to learn how to crochet the jumper


Show off Your Work!

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 SO now you can make bobbles and popcorns - easy peasy.

Any problems - message me via the contact page



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