Crochet Baby Jumper

A beautiful crochet baby jumper for you to make.  Easily convert it into a baby dress for wearing with tights by adding extra rows.  The pretty little teardrops around the bottom edge are not as difficult to make as they look


ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

hdc = half double crochet (UK half treble)

tdp = teardrop

tch = turning chain

hdc2tog = half double crochet 2 together (decrease)

sc = single crochet (UK double crochet)

sc2tog = single crochet 2 together. To do this: [insert hook, yarn on hook and pull through x2.  yarn on hook and pull through all 3 loops on hook

sc3tog = single crochet 3 together.  To do this: [insert hook, yarn on hook and pull through] x3.  Yarn on hook and pull through all 4 loops on hook

How to make a teardrop

Make 10 hdc into same stitch.  Remove hook from loop.  Insert hook from back to front into the first of these 10 hdc (count back if it helps to identify which stitch this is) making sure the teardrop is behind the hook.  Replace the dropped loop and pull it through


The crochet baby jumper in the photograph was made using a 4.5mm hook and 4ply acrylic yarn (UK weight) which is roughly half the thickness of DK yarn (double knitting)

No buttons or fasteners are needed as the tie at the back of the neck is crocheted.  You could of course use a different fastener of your choice such as a button, press stud or ribbon tie

Instructions to make this crochet baby jumper with teardrops


Make 36 ch

ROW1: hdc into 3rd ch from hook.  hdc to end (35 sts including tch)

2ch turn


ROW2:  Miss 1 st (because tch counts as a stitch) hdc to tend.  hdc into tch


ROW3:  repeat row2


ROW4:  Miss 1 st.  hdc into next st.  Make 1 teardrop

*hdc into next 4 sts.  make 1 teardrop*

Repeat from * to * 5 more times

hdc into next st

hdc into tch, 2ch turn


ROW5:  Miss 1 st, hdc into next st

hdc into top of teardrop

*hdc into next 4 sts.  hdc into top of teardrop*

hdc into last st.  hdc into tch

2ch, turn


Next 17 rows work as row 2

Total 22 rows worked so far

Work more rows here to make a longer jumper (but remember to make a note of how many and repeat for the back)

NEXT 6 ROWS - shape neck

1.  Miss 1 st, 14 hdc, 2ch, turn

2.  Miss 1 st, hdc2tog, hdc to end, including tch.  2ch turn

3.  Miss 1 st, 10 hdc, hdc2tog. hdc into tch, 2ch, turn.4. 

4.  Miss 1 st, hdc2tog, hdc to end

You should now have 12 stitches on this side of the neck including the tch

5 & 6  work straight


Fasten off.



1. Go back to the bottom of the neck edge and miss the next 5 sts.  Join yarn onto 6th st.  Make 2 ch (counts as first st)

hdc into remaining 13 sts, hdc into tch

2ch, turn

2. Miss one st, hdc into next 11 sts, hdc2tog, hdc into tch, 2ch, turn.

3. Miss one, hdc2tog.  hdc into next 10 sts.  hdc into tch, 2ch turn

4. Miss one, hdc into next 9 sts. hdc2tog.  hdc into tch. 2ch, turn

 5 & 6  work straight


Fasten off (12 sts including tch)



Work as for front for first 5 rows.

Work 18 rows straight (total 23 rows)

Divide for back opening:

Next row, miss 1, hdc inot next 16 sts, 2ch, turn

Work 4 more rows straight.  Fasten off


Go back now to where you divided.  Miss one stitch ( middle back).  Join yarn at next st.  2ch (counts as first st)

hdc into next 15 sts.  hdc into tch, 2ch, turn.

Work 4 more rows straight.  Fasten off.


With right sides together and using a large blunt sewing needle, stitch front shoulder edges to back shoulder edges, matching stitch for stitch



Count 16 rows from bottom right edge of back and join in yarn at base of 17th row.  (Note that you will have to count more rows if you have made a longer version of this jumper) Make 2ch

With right side facing work 18 stitches (include the 2ch as a stitch) up to the shoulder seam

Work 18 stitches down the top 12 rows of front

2ch, turn


Work 14 more rows over these 36 sts remembering to count the tch as a stitch and miss the first stitch of each row.

NEXT ROW  Miss first st.  hdc2tog all along row.  hdc into tch.  (19 sts)  1ch, turn

NEXT ROW  -  Do not miss the first stitch.

work 1 sc into every st and 1sc into the tch.  1ch, turn

NEXT ROW  do not miss the first stitch.  1sc into every st.  do not work into the tch

fasten off.


Make the other sleeve to match but this time count up the front to start instead of the back.


Neck Edging For Crochet baby Jumper

With right side facing, join yarn to top of right back opening

Work 7sc almost to the bottom of the opening.

Working into the bottom right corner, centre, and bottom left corner at base of opening, work sc3tog

Work 7sc up left side of back opening

FOR THE FASTENING either make a buttonhole or a tie

[BUTTONHOLE make 4 or 5 ch depending on the size of your button.  sl st into the base of the ch

TIE FASTENING make 45 ch.  sc into 2nd ch from hook and then al along the chain (44 sts)]

Work 5sc along left back neck edge

Work sc2tog where back neck meets front edge at shoulder

Work 6sc down left slope of front edge

Work sc2tog, 3sc, sc2tog along middle of front neck

Work 6sc up right slope of front neck

Work sc2tog at shoulder

Work 5sc along right back neck edge

If you are using a button fastening on your crochet baby jumper, sl st into the very first stitch of the round and fasten off.

For ties, make 45 ch and work sc all along as before.  sl st into first stitch of round and fasten off


With a large blunt sewing needle, sew together the side and sleeve seams. 

Darn in all loose ends and sew button in place if you are not using ties 














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