Single Colour Crochet Baby Hat

So quick and easy you could make this crochet baby hat in a couple of hours. The stitch used is a simple but effective v stitch which even a beginner can master


Small ball of double knitting (UK weight) yarn and a 5.5mm hook


To fit newborn baby


chain stitch

double crochet (UK trebles)



ch = chain

tch = turning chain

st = stitch

sts = stitches

dc = double crochet (UK treble)

dec = decrease


Make 39 ch

Work 1dc into 3rd ch from hook

Work 1dc into each of remaining ch (38 sts)

3ch, turn

This tch counts as one st

Second Row:

Miss first stitch. *Work 2dc into next stitch, miss one stitch*

Repeat from * to * along the row. Finish with 1dc into top of tch of preious row.

3ch, turn.

Third Row:

Miss first stitch.

Work 2dc into the top of the first v of previous row (Do this by inserting hook between the 2dc which form the v)

work 2dc into each remaining v of previous row to the end of teh row. Finish with 1dc into tch

3ch, turn

Repeat row 3 4 more times (7 rows in total)

Row 8:

Miss first st. Work 2dc into first v. **Work 1dc into next v, wotk 2dc into next v **

Repeat from ** to ** to last v. Make 1dc in last v. Make 1dc in tch.

3ch, turn.

Row 9:

Miss first st. *** Work 2dc together into next 2sts ***

Repeat from *** to *** to end. Make 1dc into top of tch

Row 10:

Miss first stitch. ++ Work 3 dc together into next 3 sts ++

Repeat from ++ to ++ to last 2 sts

Work 2dc together into last 2 sts

Fasten off. Leave a length of yarn long enough to sew the seam together. Thread yarn through remaining stitches and gather up before sewing up back seam of your crochet baby hat.

More experienced crocheters can use a slip stitch to join into a round at the end of each row, to save time having to sew up the back seam


Variations of the Crochet Baby Hat

For a different effect, try working the hat in stripes or add a motif such as a small simple crochet flower or work an edging in a contrast colour.

Further Reading and Patterns


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